Dissemination materials

Present section compiles the dissemination material generated and classified in chronological order. The type of documentation accessible from this section includes press releases on printed and internet media, technical articles; conference abstracts and posters as well as other items considered of relevance for the dissemination of SIRENA.
Project brochure, project newsletters and project presentation are accessible on each term.

DateEventLocationResponsible BeneficiarySupporting Information
2017 Article publication   INKOA, TECNALIA, RGU, VITO New Project Publications
Assessment of Nanoparticles Release into the Environment during Drilling of Carbon Nanotubes/ Epoxy and Carbon Nanofibres/Epoxy Nanocomposites [DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2017.06.057] and The Effect of Nanosilica (SiO2) and Nanoalumina (Al2O3) Reinforced Polyester Nanocomposites on Aerosol Nanoparticle Emissions into the Environment during Automated Drilling. [DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02786826.2017.1330535], both by Starost, K.; Frijns, E.; Van Laer, J.; Faisal, N.; Egizabal, A.; Elizetxea, C.; Nelissen, I.; Blázquez, M. & Njuguna, J. have now been published. These describe the approaches implemented in the framework of SIRENA and efforts in the standardization of the evaluation of exposure associated to the life cycle of polymer nanocomposites and, more precisely, the main outcomes of the team from the RGU in collaboration with VITO.
NA Inclusion of SIRENA into the 2016 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium   INKOA, CRANFIELD, TECNALIA, RGU A description of the most relevant outcomes of SIRENA is now included in the 2016 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium. The document describes project’s objectives, work plan and most significant results obtained within the implementation of the project. The compendium documents the status of EU funded projects on nanomaterial toxicity and exposure assessment and risk management, with increasing focus on safety -by-design considerations for nanomaterials, predictive toxicology approaches and high throughput / Tox21 type approaches. For accessing the complete file, please go to next link.
2016/07/015 Project Dissemination materials   INKOA, CRANFIELD, TECNALIA, RGU Project dissemination materials including Project’s Final Report (publishable version) and Layman’s Report have been made available on the “Publications” section of the website. Those have been released once the project has been finally considered as finalized by the European Commission.
2016/02/18 Article publication   CRANFIELD The article entitled: Development of CNC prototype for the characterization of the nanoparticle release during physical manipulation of nanocomposites, has been prepared by CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY. This article presents the description and validation of results obtained from a new prototype used for the measurement and monitoring of nanoparticles in a controlled environment. This methodology was compared with the methodologies applied in other studies. The article is available in the next direction: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10934529.2015.1128720
2015/12/02 SIRENA FINAL WORKSHOP Madrid (Spain) INKOA, CRANFIELD, TECNALIA, RGU SIRENA’s final workshop was organized within the JOINT WORKSHOP ON RISK ASSESSMENT & RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES APPLIED TO NANOMATERIALS presenting the results from the projects REACHnano (LIFE11 ENV/ES/000549); ECOTEXNANO (LIFE12ENV/ES/000667); SIRENA (LIFE 11 ENV/ES/000596) and GUIDEnano (FP7-LARGE_G.A. N 604387).
The workshop program focused on the main progress and outcomes of the referred EU funded projects. These projects provide scientific based solutions to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials on a regulatory basis, including critical issues such as life cycle assessment, environmental, occupational and consumer exposure to ENMs, environmental release and fate in the life cycle and product value chains and human health impacts of ENMs.
New software platforms and applications were presented, including the REACHnano toolkit, ECOTEXNANO tool and GUIDEnano tool, in addition to novel methodologies and prototypes for the assessment of exposure to nanoparticles from commercial nanocomposites during routine operations.
2015/10/19-22 NANOEH - 7th International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health Limpopo Province (South Africa) RGU, INKOA The SIRENA LIFE Project was represented in NANOEH by the Robert Gordon University which introduced the outcomes of the project in two presentations: The Effect of Graphene Oxide on Nanoparticle Release from Reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites during Drilling and The Effect of Drilling on Nanoparticles Release from Silica and Alumina Reinforced Polyester Nanocomposites, both by Starost K., Frijns E., Van Laer J., Faisal N., Blazquez M. & Njuguna J. Additionally, the symposium represented an appropriate forum for networking purposes.
2015/10/02 Scottish Microplastics Research Group (SMRG) Workshop Scotland (UK) RGU A presentation entitled Polymer Particles Release from Consumer Nanoproducts During Drilling of Graphene/Epoxy/Fibre Reinforced Nanocomposites, describing the work carried out within the QNANO Infrastructure and SIRENA was presented in the workshop which aimed to discuss recent research developments in the area of microplastics in the Scottish environment.
2015/10/02 Presentation to North Maharashtra University (India) Aberdeen (UK) RGU The RGU presented their current activities in the area of nanosafety providing details on the work conducted and main results obtained to date within SIRENA in the frame of an on-going UK-India collaboration project.
2015/09/17 "NMBP Launch Event" by the Knowledge Transference Network (KTN) London (UK) CRANFIELD The project was promoted by personnel of Cranfield University who distributed the brochure and communicated the activities carried out in the nanosafety area by the University.
2015/07/15-17 Quality Nano Final Conference and Training Workshop Heraklion, Crete, Greece RGU A poster presenting some of the outcomes of SIRENA has been displayed in the QualityNano final conference, taking place on the 15th to the 17th July 2015 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The Robert Gordon University has presented the work done in the emission chamber at VITO’s, where different samples have been drilled in order to evaluate nanoparticle release and so that the data obtained can be compared with those obtained by Cranfield University. For accessing the poster, please go to next link.
2015/06/30 Inclusion of SIRENA into the 2015 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium NA INKOA, CRANFIELD, TECNALIA, RGU A description of the approach of SIRENA is now included in the 2015 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium. The document describes project’s objectives, work plan and most relevant outcomes to date. The Nanosafety Compendium is yearly updated with new projects being implemented in the area of Nanosafety. In this edition only two projects funded by LIFE have been included. For accessing the complete file, please go to next link.
2015/04/15 Participation in the NSC Meeting Helsinki (Finland) INKOA Of main relevance for SIRENA is the projected launch of a new subgroup devoted to nano-release within WG3 (Exposure) in the NSC in order to coordinate harmonization issues.
2015/04/15 Participation in the 1st Workshop Harmonization Release Testing Methods within SENN 2015 Helsinki (Finland) INKOA The work done by the SIRENA-LIFE Project on the harmonization of ENMs release testing methods, mechanically induced releases and emissions with relevance to worker and consumer exposure was introduced in a dedicated workshop within the SENN 2015 Conference. This workshop was organized by MARINA (http://www.marina-fp7.eu) and counted with the participation of representatives of a number of European Projects (SUN and DustiNano, amongst other).
2015/03/17 Participation in the British Science Week Aberdeen (UK) INKOA, TECNALIA, RGU The title of the talk jointly conducted by personnel of INKOA, TECNLIA and RGU was Public Perception of Nanosafety – What do you need to know? Within this framework, a series of presentations were conducted providing an insight to the SIRENA-LIFE Project, the regulatory landscape affecting nanomaterials and the necessity to address nanosafety related issues. A debate was held with the audience addressing questions posed.
2014/12/08 Publication of a review paper on LCA for nanocomposites (Open Access) NA CRAN The complete reference is provided next: Gendre, L.; Blackburn, K.; Brighton, J.L.; Marchante, V.; Abhyankar, H. (2015) ‘Nanomaterials Life Cycle Analysis: Health and Safety Practices, Standards and Regulations-Past, Present and Future Perspective’. International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry, 5 (3), 208-228. DOI : 10.9734/IRJPAC/2015/12304
2014/12/04 REACHnano Workshop Valencia (Spain) INKOA Most recent outcomes of the project to the date of the workshop have been presented in a Workshop organized by the LIFE Project REACHnano. The half day workshop took place at the Instituto Valenciano de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (INVASSAT) and addressed issues related to Occupational Risk Prevention in the area of nanomaterials. The approach used within SIRENA for environmental exposure assessment was introduced.
2014/11/18-20 NANOSAFE 2014 Grenoble (France) INKOA, CRAN, TECNALIA

The SIRENA LIFE Project was present in NANOSAFE 2014 in France, where Laura Gendre from Cranfield University was invited to give an oral presentation on the nano-release assessment prototypes being developed by the University. The complete presentation can be found on the next Link

Additionally, Ainhoa Egizabal presented a poster describing the work jointly developed by INKOA and TECNALIA on the analysis of the state of the art of nano-release assessment in mechanical degradation processes. To access the poster, please, use the next Link

2014/10/23-24 ECHA – Topical Scientific Workshop - Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials Helsinki (Finland) INKOA, CRAN The poster entitled EMISSION SCENARIOS FOR ENGINEERED NANOMATERIALS AS PLASTIC ADDITIVES. A CASE STUDY OF THE SIRENA-LIFE PROJECT by Blázquez, M.; Unzueta, I.; Marchante, V.; Gendre, L.; Blackburn, K.; Brighton, J. & Abhyankar, H. was presented. It included information on the state of the art in the assessment of nano-release from nanocomposite samples and presented the small scaled testing chamber developed within the project as well as some preliminary outcomes. To access the poster, please use the next LINK. Additionally, project brochures were disseminated to the audience that included relevant stakeholders of the nanomaterials value chain, from regulators to industry and end-users.
2014/10/07 Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Meeting Birmingham (UK) CRAN Veronica Marchante gave an oral presentation about the work in the nanotechnology field developed in the Centre of Automotive Technology (CAT, Cranfield University), promoting the SIRENA LIFE project.
2014/10/07 Summary of the Spring 2014 NSC Database Survey NA INKOA The NanoSafety Cluster Database working group (WG4) organized in Spring 2014 a survey for the nanosafety community to summarize the current state of databases. The database of the Technological Surveillance System by the SIRENA LIFE Project is listed as one databases contributing to the survey and recognition is given to Project Technical Manager (María Blázquez) for providing this information. The complete report is available on the next link: http://www.nanosafetycluster.eu/news/132/66/Summary-of-the-Spring-2014-NSC-Database-Survey.html
2014/08/22 On line publication of two accepted papers on IOP Conference Series: Materials Science & Engineering NA INKOA, CRAN, TECNALIA Two articles have been published in in the IOP Conference Series: Materials & Engineering (Volume 64) describing some of the results obtained in SIRENA as an outcome of the second international conference on structural nanocomposites -NANOSTRUC 2014-. The two articles are: On the experimental approaches for the assessment of the release of engineered nanomaterials from nanocomposites by physical degradation processes (M. Blázquez, A. Egizabal & I. Unzueta) and A review on the effect of mechanical drilling on polymer nanocomposites (K. Starost & J. Njuguna).
2014/07/01 NanoEx3 - Explore, Explain, Exploit Cranfield (UK) CRAN SIRENA project was promoted at BHR Group’s International Conference on Industrial Processes for Nanomaterials; project brochures were included in the delegate welcome packs.
2014/06/26 Poster of SIRENA in Prestige Lecture of Dame Ellen MacArthur 'Science for the Green Economy' Cranfield (UK) CRANFIELD A poster was presented describing the advanced simulation instrumentation that is being developed by CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY. The nanocomposites impact and drilling systems in controlled conditions for nanorelease assessment were presented. To access the poster, please use the next link.
2014/06/01 Inclusion of SIRENA into the 2014 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium NA INKOA, CRANFIELD, TECNALIA, RGU A description of the approach of SIRENA is now included in the 2014 Edition of the Nanosafety Compendium. The document describes project’s objectives, work plan and most relevant outcomes to date. The Nanosafety Compendium is yearly updated with new projects being implemented in the area of Nanosafety. In this edition only two projects funded by LIFE have been included. For accessing the complete file, please go to next link.
2014/05/21 SIRENA’S FIRST INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP Madrid (Spain) INKOA, TECNALIA, RGU The first international workshop of SIRENA is being held on the 21st May in a special session within the International Conference on Structural Nanocomposites – NANOSTRUC 2014 at the Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rocasolano" (IQFR) in Madrid. Within this framework, the most relevant outcomes of the project to date will be disseminated providing an insight on the benefits of the use of nanomaterials in the plastics industry, the regulatory framework for nanocomposites and best practices in nanomaterials risk assessment. Please visit www.nanostruc.info for the latest update on workshop program and registration.
2014/04/23-26 7.NanoTOX 2014 Antalya (Turkey) CRANFIELD An abstract was submitted to the 7.NanoTOX 2014 congress which has been included in the congress book. The work carried out within SIRENA in order to obtain reproducible results for nano-release assessment in nanocomposites samples is introduced. For additional information, please, visit: http://www.nanotox2014.org/.
2014/04/23 NANOSAFETY CLUSTER MEETING Antalya (Turkey) INKOA The progress of the working groups integrating the NSC was reported along with the on-going initiatives of other European platforms in the area of Nanotechnologies and Nanosafety. This event represented an excellent forum for networking promoting LIFE Plus funded Projects –and, in particular, SIRENA- in the Nanosafety area. For additional information please go to: http://www.nanosafetycluster.eu/calendar/318/3-NanoSafety-Cluster-Meeting-2014.html.
2014/01/23 Reference to SIRENA in book by Njuguna, J; Pielichowski, K; & Zhu, H. (2014) by Woodhead Publishing NA INKOA, RGU The SIRENA LIFE Project is cited on Health and Environmental Safety of Nanomaterials - Polymer Nancomposites and Other Materials Containing Nanoparticles Woodhead Publishing on January 2014. This publication addresses concerns about the impact of nanomaterials on the environment and human health, and examines the safety of specific nanomaterials. The text covers sampling techniques and data analysis methods used to assess nanoparticle exposure, as well as protocols for testing the safety of polymer nanocomposites highlighting the SIRENA LIFE Project as a reference. For additional information, please, visit the next link.
2013/11/20-22 Poster of SIRENA in Nanosafety 2013 Saarbrücken (Germany) TECNALIA, INKOA A poster describing outcomes of SIRENA so far was deployed in the frame of present event. Major outcomes presented refer to the implementation of the Technological Surveillance System and to the verification of the improved performance of the nanocomposites test samples. For additional information please, visit: See
2013/11/12-14 Reference to SIRENA in the Professional Motorsport World Expo 2013 Cologne (Germany) CRANFIELD A presentation where the benefits of nanomaterials to the motorsports professionals and the health and safety aspects that they should be aware of was conducted. Within this framework, aims and objectives of SIRENA were introduced and project brochures distributed. For additional information, please, visit: See
2013/10-11 Reference to SIRENA in the first edition of the Nanosafety Cluster Newsletter NA INKOA SIRENA is referred in the first edition of the Nanosafety Cluster Newsletter. For additional information, please visit: See (PAGE 23).
NA Participation of SIRENA as co- organizer of NANOSTRUC Madrid (Spain) INKOA A special session for the first workshop of SIRENA will be conducted within NANOSTRUC. Additional information will be provided as soon as available. For data related to NANOSTRUC, please visit: See
2013/10/14 Introductory video to SIRENA NA INKOA An illustrative video describing the main target of SIRENA has been recorded and made accessible on project’s website. For a view of the video please go to: URL Additional videos illustrating the type of tests that are conducted at CRANFIELD can be viewed on: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 The Vimeo profile of SIRENA has also been created: See
2013/09/20 NANOSAFETY CLUSTER MEETING Birmingham (UK) CRANFIELD SIRENA was present in this event (brochures were delivered since there was no margin to conduct project presentations). Reference to the meeting can be found at: See. The “Hazards” break out group has been joined by the project.
2013/09/09 Formal adhesion to the Nanosafety Cluster NA INKOA SIRENA has been included in the list of projects taking part in the Nanosafety Cluster. For additional information, please, visit: See
2013/09/09 Twitter profile of SIRENA NA INKOA The twitter profile of SIRENA has been created. See
2013/08/25-29 Reference to SIRENA EUROFILLERS Bratislava (Slovakia) James Njuguna Some data related to the pilot experience of SIRENA have been introduced in the frame of a wider presentation. For additional information on the congress please visit: See.
To access the information use these links: Presentation; Abstract.
2013/07/08 Adhesion to the ECOWEB Data Base NA INKOA Project profile has been included in the ECOWEB Database. For additional information, please visit: See
2013/05/15-17 Reference to SIRENA in the 5TH International Seminar on Modern Polymeric Materials for Environmental Applications Krakow (Poland) CRANFIELD Some data related to the pilot experience of SIRENA have been introduced in the frame of a wider presentation. To access the information use these links: Presentation; Abstract.
2013/04/26 Project Presentation at IMAGINENANO 2013 Barakaldo (Spain) INKOA INKOA has presented the company’s activities in the area of Life Cycle Assessment of Nanomaterials in the frame of a conference organized for the introduction of EHS Advance at IMAGINENANO 2013. The presentation made is accessible on the next link: See
2013/01/08 Web release NA INKOA A short introduction to SIRENA has been disseminated in the website of INKOA. For additional information, please visit: See
2012/12/15 Press release on printed media NA INKOA A press release has been published in Empresa XXI, journal of the Basque Country focusing on major achievements of SMEs. Main introductory data of SIRENA LIFE Project were disseminated.