The main objective of SIRENA is to demonstrate and validate a methodology to simulate the unintended release of nanomaterials from consumer products by replicating different life cycle scenarios. Developed methodologies could be adopted by a wide number of industrial sectors in order to get the necessary information for the exposure assessment.

Additionally, it is intended:

  • To contribute to the effective implementation of European Commission’s regulatory framework, mainly in relation to environmental protection and chemicals (REACH).
  • To anticipate exposure scenarios from the proposed uses of nanocomposites. These exposure scenarios will contribute to decisions on the extent of the hazard characterization and will provide parameters for the exposure assessment required in risk assessment.
  • To increase the existing knowledge in relation to risks associated to nanomaterials, enabling the safe handling of nanomaterials and minimizing potentially associated impacts throughout product life cycle.
  • To demonstrate a methodology for a rapid premarket safety assessment analysis.
  • To provide manufacturers with tools and methodologies to mitigate the resulting risk by choosing products conveying minimum nanomaterials release in a “premarket” safety analysis.
  • To contribute to eco responsible design of nanomaterials.

The suitability of proposed methodology will be demonstrated in composites and nanocomposites incorporated in emerging applications of automotive, aeronautics, and energy and construction sectors.

Project Information:

Location Basque Country; United Kingdom
Start date 01/01/2013
Duration 36 Months
Budget 1.140.942€
EC LIFE+ PROGRAMME Contribution 560.235€