TECNALIA is a private Technological Research Centre which focuses its activity on the frame of materials technology, processes, health and environment.
From 2001, Tecnalia is involved in the development of a Strategic Program on Nanotechnologies. Several groups are involved in this development: Surface Engineering, Ceramic Materials, Metallic Materials, Composite Materials and Toxicological Characterization.
The knowledge areas that currently are being approached are: surface treatments and functionalisation, nanostructured coatings, metal matrix and polymeric matrix nanocomposites, synthesis of Carbon nanotubes, synthesis of ceramic nanoparticles and nanostructural characterization (AFM, Raman, FTIR, Tg, and SEM) and toxicological characterization (in vitro and in vivo). From the Polymer and Composite group, specific working lines are being approached related to nanocomposites.
Website: www.tecnalia.es